Thursday, March 03, 2011


It's hard to believe that this year has come to a close. So many things have happened to me since my last birthday--so many big, life-changing events. I finished one of the hardest semesters of my life, I got serious with a girl, I finished my law review note, I started p90x, I worked at a job that furthered my career and paid me for it, I got engaged, I made an iPhone app, I almost died, I saw my sister get married, I helped write an amicus brief, I finished the formal part of law school, I got the go-ahead to take the USPTO Registration Examination, I got married to a beautiful girl, I moved in with said girl, I started my externship, I filed my taxes after taking the class personal finance tax (Btw, big difference in understanding terms after taking that class), I experienced a sad passing with my grandmother, and I started once again maintaining my professional blog (click here to see). (My goal is to make my professional blog come up as the number one hit when you google Trent Ostler, but as it is now it's still this crazy blog.)

In sum, this year was CRAZY. But you better believe that's the way I like it. Life is not something that should be lived casually. You've gotta live it up to the fullest. That's what I did in year 28 and I show no signs of letting up. Watch out world, cuz I'm older and I'm wiser.