Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Simple Formula: Good Customer Service = Retention

It's been almost a year since my Bank of America tirade. It's time for me now to give a positive review on a company: T-Mobile.

A few weeks ago, I downsized my phone plan from data to no data. It was in the middle of the month and I was fully expecting T-mobile to charge me the data fee for the entire month. As a loftier thought, I thought T-mobile would prorate the data I used and only charge me for that. The customer service rep said that he wasn't going to charge me at all for any of the data used that month. I was shocked.

In a time when companies are trying to nickel and dime the customers that make their companies possible, this little gesture was a bright spot in my bleak mental imagery of corporate America. I commend T-mobile for doing nice things for customers.

My brother called me up on last Monday trying to get me to switch to a Sprint family plan with him. Even after Weston reassured me that Sprint's network has undoubtedly improved since my experience 4 years ago, I had no desire to change plans. My sense of loyalty towards T-mobile could not be denied.