Monday, May 03, 2010

One reason why I love New England

Sometimes when you really wish you could sleep, you just can't. What to do? Because lying in bed is a waste of time, I will blog about an experience I just had that reinforced why I love living in New England.

I was laying in my bed and the air in the room was pretty warm. As an aside, the temperature today got up to 89 degrees here in New Hampshire and the warm air still lingered in my room. But this wasn't ordinary warm air; it was humid east coast warm air.

I opened the window and relatively cool spring air flowed in. The air was so humid that it felt like there was a certain texture to it. I was then brought back to the couple summers that I lived in Boston.

Have you noticed that memories associated with the non-obvious memory senses (touch, smell) seem to let you relive memories the best? Well, I was very much brought back to when I lived in Boston and the humid warm air was an everyday reality. What an awesome memory.

Now I better get back to trying to sleep. I've got a big final tomorrow.