Monday, February 08, 2010

The Blizzard of 2010

D.C. is a great place. But even great things are sometimes not-so-great. Such was the case this weekend with D.C. when Brett and I competed in the JRCLS moot court competition.

The moot court competition was a great experience as can be seen from the picture.

Then mother nature unleashed havoc on the city of D.C. Or the state of D.C., whichever it is. The storm didn't seem that bad while it was happening, but the consistency was the real killer. Some areas got over 30 inches of snow, all in the space of about 24 hours. This was very impressive to me, who is no stranger to cold climes and heavy snow. Getting so much snow would have been fine to me normally, but any plan that we reasonably thought of doing was now undoable (I think I just made up the word undoable). My take-home from this experience is that D.C. is utterly unable to deal with lots of snow. But I heard they were over budget to plow the roads, so I won't talk bad on them too much.

So the trio John, Brett and I made the best of our time by walking to nearby restaurants and watching TV. Does that sound lame to you? It was!

Then we learned of our flight's cancellation. We literally tried everything to get out of town. But after lugging our suitcases all around town, trying to rent a car to drive up to NH, and trying to get ourselves another plane ticket, we were left optionless. A two liter carton of juice I had been carrying pretty much summed up the gravity and desperation of our situation. Even as the juice in my carton was powerless to stop itself from solidifying into solid chunks of water crystals, so too were we at the mercy of our Mother Nature from getting out of that blasted city.

Finally, today (Monday) at 5:30 PM, we lifted off the ground of BWI on a Southwest airline. Tears were streaming down my cheeks. Then after a brief hour flight, we were touching down in New Hampshire, another life-affirming event. You see, here in New Hampshire we live free or we die. This phrase not only refers to freedom from repressive governments or people. Most importantly, New Hampshire's slogan refers to snow. I felt at ease knowing that I was free.